Rehearsal Planning 09.10.23

Ok. It’s fa la la la la, la la la la all the way now everyone!

We’ll have a rousing lovely warm up.

I’d like to run through all the harmony parts for the Christmas songs – let’s face it, it’s a year since we’ve sung them and it’s highly likely that we’ve forgotten parts etc. I’m really keen for us to stick to our harmonies and not just merrily get caught up in the tune. I’ve reset the links to the shared drive so that you can access things – they may have expired.

OK, let’s go over Valerie again please. It’s the timings on the verses which are tricky. The harmonies are pretty easy and repetitive. I’m planning to sing this soon as the concert will not only be all Christmas music……

While we’re in the non-festive spirit, let’s move on further with Royals too please.

Early break then into Christmas….

I’d like to continue with Stay Another Day please. The chorus already sounding magnificent and I’d like to start on the verses.

Let’s run the parts on White Winter Hymnal and Carol of the Bells please.

And another break….

And into Underneath the Tree – I’ll go over the harmonies again.

And O Holy Night which is in 2 parts

And we’ll finish with Everybody’s Changing which I might re-teach the harmonies for as some of them are vanishing into the ether and I’d like very much to have them back!

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