Rehearsal Planning 03.07.23

Hello Marvellous Singers!

This week I’m going to try something very slightly different…. First section learning bits and going over stuff, second section totally learning Cold Heart and final section all the stuff we love and are good at.

We’ll have a warm up – we are still focused on listening to each other and all the voices around our own.

Let’s have another go through of Yesterday – we will get this right, I promise…

And while we are at it… Only Yesterday

Let’s have another little go through…Don’t Shut Me Down – I’d kill a little polish on some of the lyrics.

Something we love before the break……

Right, let’s get cracking with Cold Heart. I’m interested to see if we can nail the whole song in 40 minutes…..

Another break to celebrate our brilliance….

And let’s finish with some classics….

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