Rehearsal Notes and Audio 24.04.23

WBLS 24.04.23 Part 1
WBLS 24.04.23 Part 2
WBLS 24.04.23 Part 3

Another great turnout tonight and loads of happy faces – some we haven’t seen for a while so it was lovely to have you back xx

After the Cha Cha Slide, we went straight into Only Yesterday. Loving the sound – we recapped a few little harmonies and encouraged the greens (with imposter yellows and blue ladies) to really soar with their voices in the melody lines. Great work. Another sing through of Space Man – I’ll get this arranged before we next meet on May 15th.

Hall of Fame. Not feeling the choir love for this one…. I’ll persevere for another session but if it’s not scoring well, it’ll fade off into the distance.

After the break we worked again on Everybody’s Changing where the choir love is in abundance! Check out part 2 of the audio around 22 minutes – you’re doing such a lovely job with it and especially with the dynamics. Marvellous!

Vienna. I love it. The POWER!!! Around 28 minutes if you want a listen. We then took that power and energy and put it into Giant. This song has a tendency to get shouty very easily and we are SO much better than that! It really worked – I could hear the difference.

We finished with 3 throwback songs. The Air That I Breathe, Just Like Heaven and Creep. Ohhhhhh goosebumps!

See you ALL on the 15th xx

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