Songbirds Rehearsal Audio 23.01.23

WBLS Songbirds 23.01.23 Part 1
WBLS Songbirds 23.01.23 Part 2
WBLS Songbirds 23.01.23 Part 3

Lovely to see everyone tonight! We worked on the same things as the Nightingales did last week.

We had a sing through of the songs with the artist first (Woman, True It must be love and Giant’ then a break.

We worked on ‘Giant’ – we started with the oohhss which the pinks, red and yellows have as the tune is with the Greens and Blues! The oohs move in different directions so don’t be fooled by what’s going on around you. We put this together without backing and it was a really lovely sound – well done!

We did a show-off song ‘Dear Darlin’ which the new singers came out to the front to listen to. It’s a very different sound at the front from the perspective of the audience. I get to hear it all the time so I like to share it with you all now and again.

Another little break and then a run through of ‘King’ – recapping some of the harmonies for the verses and chorus. This will be a proper banger once we’ve learned it all! The harmonies for this are on the shared drive.

‘Woman’ was a slower start – only in three parts we’ve put the greens and yellows together with the tune leaving some wafty red and a blue part that’s so far in the gutter that the blue ladies have the option to join the green tune! Again, the harmonies will go on the shared drive today if you’d like a sneaky listen before the next session.

Massive thanks to Wendy for her solo on ‘Don’t shut me down’. Fab rendition as ever – well done lovely singers. ‘One day like this’ was marvellous – just imagine a different and more elaborate set of curtains for each line in the end section – it’s the only way to keep it sounding bright.

And we ended with ‘Vienna’. Those of you who have learned this already and know how long it took… wasn’t it worth it!?

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