Rehearsal Audio and Notes 26.09.22

26.09.22 Part 1 (Dear Darlin’ at 30 minutes)
26.09.22 Part 2
26.09.22 Part 3

Lovely rehearsal – thanks everyone! Notts TV came along to film and there should be a piece on us on WEDNESDAY 28th SEPTEMBER on their channel. You can watch on the TVPlayer app which can be downloaded for iPhones free from the Apple Store. You can also catch up the following day own their website. I’ll pop links up when they’re out.

We worked more on Dear Darlin’ – next week we’ll do the other verse which has different harmonies and then this one is taught. Just polishing and tarting up from then on. Great work.

Spectrum was the best it’s ever been! Love it!

Only yesterday was really tricky especially for the Yellows. I think it’s simply a matter of listening and listening and listening again.

Only Yesterday – YELLOW.

It was a quick song through of Green Green Grass which I could see by your faces was good.

Then we worked through some of the harmonies on King. These harmony parts can be found on our shared drive where everything is stored including archives of lyrics from the last 5 years.

West Bridgford Liberty Singers

We didn’t have time for Happy Ending but we did totally raise the roof with Little Respect!


We are now at capacity for the Tower of London Gig for singers. We will have some spare coach seats and we are working to a way to make those available.

Saturday 22nd October we’ve been invited to sing at the Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey Stadium before one of their matches. It’s a 5pm meet, singing 5.30-7pm then we can watch the match! The downside is we can only take 25 singers (23 when you take off me and Sally who organised the event). On Monday 3rd October we will be doing names in a hat. I will provide coloured paper to match the part you sing. If you’re available and want to do the gig, write your name on the correct coloured paper and we will draw 4 reds, 10 yellows, 4 greens and 5 blues on the night. If you want to do the gig and you’re not able to get next week, ask a choir buddy to put your name in for you.


Please only post lovely things in the Facebook group. We’ve had a growing number of “I can’t make that gig/rehearsal” kind of comments which I’d like to stop. It brings the mood down and I’m all for keeping the mood up! I will delete these comments xxxx I’m not being mean or horrible, just trying to maintain the positivity we all get from our choir.


Saturday 1st October is the day to promote your business in the membership group. It’s a lovely chance to support each other if we have businesses. I’ll be promoting Christmas Workplace Singing – what could you promote!?

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