Rehearsal Notes and Audio 23.05.22

Sorry for the delay.

WBLS 23.05.22 Part 1
WBLS 23.05.22 Part 2
WBLS 23.05.22 Part 3

Lovely to see you on Monday! We were very short of men…. so, as ever, if you know any who would like to join us, please ask them to get in touch!

We talked a lot about connection. Looking at each other and having a connection as a group of singers. When we achieve this, we present ourselves as a cohesive ensemble rather than a load of people who happen to be singing the same stuff.

We ran through the songs for the cricket gig which is now meeting at 10.15am on Sunday due to a change in their schedule. ‘Sweet Caroline’ will be a triumph. I apologise for my dodgy conducting…. We had a lovely run through of ‘Human’ and just the cricket singers sang ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ which was lovely!

We had a break (I edited it out for you!)

‘Read my mind’ sounded very hesitant and so we had a go through of the harmonies as a reminder for everyone. I want to sing this at the Prom in the Park so it needs to be good. And it will be. Reds, we need a little less volume to allow the yellows to really sing out.

We were running out of time (I’m very optimistic in my planning) and I’m aware that we really worked hard on Monday. We had another go at ‘Spectrum’ – reds…. you’ll really have to hit those top notes with some force. It’s not the way you’re used to singing for choir.

We started on ‘Only Yesterday’ which is a real challenge! Greens have the tune with some yellows moving over for the volume. Yellows, your but is really tricky! I’ll put these harmonies out this week for you all. It’s all within your capabilities….. I’m not at all worried. It’s possibly a Portello song not a Prom….

We finished with ‘Sweet Disposition’ which as ever, you totally smashed!

Thank you xxxx

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