Rehearsal Notes and Audio from 21.02.22

WBLS 21.02.22 Part 1
WBLS 21.02.22 Part 2
WBLS 21.02.22 Part 3

ooohhh we had a LOVELY rehearsal!

We started with the Wellerman as our warm up – three parts in the chorus and unison throughout. We got some good volume going eventually – really well done!

‘Uptown Girl’ – we made a good start on the harmonies for this one. It’s quite a lot going on for anyone not singing the tune but I think it’s worth it! We’ll work more on this too.

‘Read my mind’ – we sang through with our lockdown recording and I could feel the energy in the room changing! Really lovely. I’m going to work on this for the gig at the end of June.

‘Don’t Shut Me Down’ we started with the oohhssss for everyone at the start of the song after the solo. Fab work on that by Simon and Julia who was visiting from Leicester with Denise last night (they used to sing online with us during our zoom days). Lovely balancing of duet sound guys – well done. This song is really coming together and soon we’ll be done with the teaching of the harmonies and ready to move on to the light and shade – creating volume and dynamics in the piece. This is what sets choirs apart and we have every ability to get this right.

‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ we sang along to with the lockdown mix but you looked confident so we sang it again with just the instrumental track (about 30 minutes in to Part 2 of the audio recording). I think you can all feel really pleased with that!!!! There’s no wonder it’s topping the poll AGAIN this week. We’ll be singing this at the cricket gig and the summer gig too.

We worked a little more on ‘Ordinary World’ – that second verse harmony is reallllllly tricky…. Sounding lovely although not scoring high in the popularity contest.

We finished with ‘Human’ which again, we’ll be singing at the cricket gig so I’ll be teaching this thoroughly during the next couple of weeks.

Such a happy smiley rehearsal! Thank you all so very much xxxx

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