Rehearsal Notes and Audio 08.11.21

WBLS Songbirds 08.11.21 Part 1
WBLS Songbirds 08.11.21 Part 2
WBLS Songbirds 08.11.21 Part 3

Thanks to all of our 50 singers! We sounded really really lovely tonight! I’m loving to detail and sound we are creating and I know it’s been tricky as we are getting used to a new environment and being spaced out more. Huge thanks also to the 16 Alkonosts (online zoomers) and apologies once again for the interference with the Wifi at our end. I have raised it with the hall and hope it will be resolved by the next session.

We warmed up with ‘I can sing this on my own’ which has different parts coming in one at a time. This was in preparation for the curtain throwing in ‘One day like this’ which we moved on to. It’s essential to keep the energy flowing through the back section – we thought about the quality of the curtain we were throwing wide for this…… the more smiles I got from you all, the better and the more energising the sound was. It got better and better. Well done!

‘Who Knew’ was our throwback song – we always loved this. Gillian and I still keep you locked in our shed – I love the little memories we have from some of these songs.

We worked again on ‘With or without you’ in the choral section. There’s a lovely gentle quality to this song and you’re singing it beautifully. Lovely comments already in the Facebook group about this one.

‘2000 Miles’ (it’s very far) was a triumph tonight. We learned the 4 part chorus section which I’ll go over again and again until we are more confident. The poor yellows were in a pickle because for once, they don’t have the tune!!! Yikes!!! It’s not that hard and you’ll pick it up really quickly. I have faith in you. This is going to be our massive recording project for Christmas along with ALL Liberty Singers – the conducting videos and audio upload folders will be up this week ready for action – deadline is 11th December so don’t panic.

After another break we sang our Christmas stuff. “Last Christmas’ I think we need to work own the end section because I can’t remember who sings which parts and apparently, neither can you! We sang ‘Rockin’ around the Christmas tree’ which was AMAZING and the Kari-ography was JUST BRILLIANT!!!! Love you lot. Then we worked on the 2 part harmony for ‘O Holy Night’. Totally freaked me out because we could hear Vicky in the recording but she wasn’t in the room! Really lovely to hear Dave in that recording too. Greens and Blues have the tricky part here. If this helps, please have a watch/listen.

O Holy Night – LOW HARMONY

Thank you all and huge thanks to Lucie in the Hoodie Shop! Looking forward to seeing lots of our hoodies at rehearsals and beyond!

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