Rehearsal Audio and Notes – SONGBIRDS – 27.10.21

WBLS Songbirds 27.10.21 Part 1
WBLS Songbirds 27.10.21 Part 2
WBLS Songbirds 27.10.21 Part 3

Thanks to everyone who came along to sing with us tonight.

We started with ‘Maliswe’ which is an African song which we think we’ve sung before so long ago that we were the other way around in the hall (singers who have been with us for a long time may remember this!) Anyway. it was a lovely 4 part building song and we had a good go at it.

‘Waterloo’ was a song I knew we could learn the harmony to in one night and perform! And we did! I arranged a lower harmony (which isn’t even that low) for the greens and blues although we all worked on it together – you can wow your friends with it at karaoke one day. We even managed some ABBA inspired kari-o-graphy! Well done!

‘One day like this’ was. one of the songs we recorded in lockdown so we went though the harmonies on ‘it’s looking like a beautiful day’ which splits into 3 parts. The reds get some really lovely harmonies throughout the next verse with what I call a violin part. Gorgeous sounding tonight. I believe there were goosebumps!

‘With or without you’ I was VERY impressed at the notes you’d kept on this song! It’s quite a different style to something say like ‘Read my mind’ using a totally different voice. We had it sounding beautiful tonight. Loads of little harmony bits to learn and you all did really well. We made it through most of the song with just the ‘choral’ section at the end to learn.

‘Creep’ was sounding quite lovely tonight! Well done pinks (Janet, Sarah and Sophy) who wafted along like chiffon in the back corner of the hall!

‘Read my mind’ we went over the back end of the harmonies again then had a great sing through. Fab energy and zest from Maxine!

‘Sweet Disposition’ sounded fabulous as did ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’.

It was a really lovely rehearsal – thank you all who sang in person and to everyone online!

I’ve a plan for Christmas to record ‘2000 Miles’ virtually with all of the Liberty Singers – the West Bridgford, The ICU, NHSBT, Skincredibles and Hillarys. We’ll be starting our Christmas singing in your next session!!!! xxxx

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