Eternal Flame – Liberty Belles Harmonies

I’ve arranged this in 4 parts. You’ll all sing the first verse in unison, then the yellows will take the tune – it’s quite high. Have a listen yellows and if it’s too much, have think about your part.

The next verse has some very gentle oohhssss in three parts underneath. These change to ahhssss when the tune goes ‘say my name’ etc. After the instrumental break, we go through this little middle 8 section again then we all repeat the first verse in unison again.

The the fun starts. Yellows, you take the ‘diva’ line with the ad libbing stuff. Greens and read take the main tune (greens you pop below it occasionally) and the blues have something totally random.

I’d be blue on this one!

Eternal Flame – Guide ALL PARTS
Eternal Flame – Guide ALL PARTS ACAPELLA
Eternal Flame – Guide Track Yellow
Eternal Flame – Guide Track Red
Eternal Flame – Guide Track Blue
Eternal Flame – Guide Track Green

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