Rehearsal Audio 24.02.20

Bring a Bloke week went down well! With record number of male voices (16!!!!) so a huge thank you for everyone who encouraged/nagged the men they know to come along. Let’s hope they all come back! The difference in the sound was noticeable even though they weren’t familiar with the songs so I’m delighted.

Here’s what we got up to tonight…..Warm up – ‘Can you feel it’ choreographed routine. Loved it.

Chasing Cars – we did a REALLY QUICK recap of these harmonies (which can be found on the website) It’s sounding utterly beautiful. Remember to keep the choral section really melodic (not like a football crowd please) and I feel that this one could be taken out and performed right now. Brilliant work.

You to me are everything – another quick whip through the harmonies and we have it. It’s really sounding lovely and we managed it WITHOUT WORDS which was a greta step forwards. Greens and blues – still have a little listen to your parts but I will say that it’s getting stronger each time we sing it. Huge thanks to Annie Winson for the ad libbing at the end – perfect x

Little Respect – another whistle-stop harmony tutorial but this one sounds as good as it always did. Great x

Human – we spent a bit of time going through the parts again and it’s really coming together well. Watch the sssss on notice as its a bit hissy. We also looked at the ending where the choral section comes in before we;’ve finished on the word ‘dancer’. The front 3 rows of all colours will keep the word ‘dancer’ and the back rows will start the choral section – front rows catching up as soon as is possible. This will work really well. It’s taking shape beautifully and I can’t wait to get out and perform this!

Tea Break – huge thanks to Sarah Varley Smith for singing ‘Crazy’ to us tonight. I’m always impressed with anyone who stands up and sings on their own and this was a really lovely rendition – thank you xxxx

Together in Electric Dreams – we nailed it. I knew we would. It was so quick I might yet add something more into it….. well done reds – we need to make sure your little frilly bits and quite short and almost childlike in their sound. The rest of us, once we are more confident, we’ll work on the articulation and keeping everything neat and easily heard.

Happy Ending – amazing work again. I might have to address the balance slightly by adding a few more people on to parts. The Mika’s seem to have a lot of power! I was particular impressed with the final 4 lines sung by the reds- well done! Now, l’ve sung this song before and never quite got it to build and swell as I wanted it to, but I can already hear that you’re going to get this as it’s already starting. I love it. I know it feels like its taking a long time, but it’ll all be worth it.

Sweet Disposition – a rousing finish. I will teach the parts again one day but it was a great showstopper to finish on – thank you.
Always huge thanks to my team tonight Janet Merryweather Lucie Gregory Rebecca Finch Rachel Cox and Christine Ann Watson. Thank you to our bakers and thank you to our bringers of men!
Charlie from radio Nottingham was interviewing our guys tonight and it should be on air tomorrow morning at around 7.08am!

Don’t forget we are back next week.

24.02.20 Rehearsal Part 1

Part 1

Start – Chasing Cars

5 mins – You to me are everything (teaching)

12 mins – You to me are everything run through without lyrics!

17mins 30 – Little respect

23 mins – Human (teaching)

40 mins – Human (performance)

24.02.20 Rehearsal Part 2

Start – Crazy (Sarah Varley Smith) Treasure at teatime

3 mins 30 – Together in Electric Dreams (teaching)

10 Mins – Together in Electric Dreams (performance)

15 mins – Happy ending (teaching)

33 mins – Happy ending (performance) THIS IS WELL WORTH A LISTEN!!!

39 mins 30 – Sweet Disposition (performance)

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