Rehearsal notes and audio 27.01.20

I am thoroughly delighted with you all!

Lovely rehearsal and great progress made on the songs we worked on. Even though it may feel like a long slog to learn the new stuff, we really did break the back of those two songs tonight. I’ve put the timings of the audio recordings in the notes so that you can skip along to the bits you’d like to listen to. I’d highly recommend listening to creep in the part 1 audio recording)

Here’s what we got up to….

Warm up – 1 121 12321 you know how it goes. Hilarious. Well done for keeping it together!

6 minutes ‘Turn Around’ Phats and Small was a triumph – thank you for your energy and getting yourselves into this.

12 minutes Monday Monday – we had a quick run through and yes, we need to take it up slightly so that we can sing it properly. I’ll be working the parts out in the next few weeks.

16 minutes Pompeii – I though this already sounded energetic and fun. I’m looking forward to creating the parts for this as I feel it has elements of ‘Viva la Vida’ to it!

20 minutes Pounding – if we progress with this one (and I really want to – I think it could be a massive hit) then we’ll have to go very slowly with it. Have a listen to it again – this also needs to go up just 1 tone to make it singable for us.

27 minutes Creep – we did a bit of showing off and the new people listened. You did it beautifully and I know there was one person close to tears. And you all know how I love a few tears! Brilliant. How did you feel it went?

Tea break. Thank you to our lovely bakers this week! (I sacked off my 5:2 and ate the last bit of chocolate cake and it was AMAZING!)

6 minutes You to me are everything – we took this to bits and listened and learned the harmony lines. The rehearsal audio will be available very soon and the individual parts are already on the website. I know the greens have got a tough deal but you did brilliantly and I was delighted with the way it’s starting to sound. Really well done to everyone. (Run through at 28 minutes)

34 minutes Don’t leave me this way – we just had a quick sing through the first 2/3s of this with some red harmony. It gets very complicated at the end and I’ll sound some time sorting this into the correct parts.

37 minutes Human – Really well done for the chorus work we did on this. Once that’s nailed there really isn’t much more to do. Yellows have the tune but watch out as the greens actually sing higher than you at one point. Fantastic effort – thank you. (run of the first section at 53 minutes)

56 minutes The Fear – just to finish just because we like it and sing it brilliantly.Huge thanks to the team tonight Janet Merryweather Lucie Gregory Rebecca Finch Rachel Cox and Vicky Price

And the doors for new members are now CLOSED.

27.01.20 Rehearsal Part 1
27.01.20 Rehearsal Part 2

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