Rehearsal Notes 25.11.19

Lovely, happy rehearsal tonight! Thank you all for your love and energy. We sang a couple of Christmas bits and went through some of the harmonies for Fairytale of New York (at the end of Part 1). There’s a direct half split so the reds/yellows get one part and the blues/greens get the other in “The Boys of the NYPD choir” part. There’s also a red harmony high up on the “I could’ve been someone”

Fairytale of New York – Red/Yellow Chorus
Fairytale of New York Blue/Green Chorus
Fairytale of New York – Red :”I could’ve been someone…”

We spent a whole load of time at the start of the second half on White Winter Hymnal – we split into our groups and spread ourselves into the corners which seemed to work well. We took our time and went over and over things and the result was brilliant!!

White Winter 25.11.19 Rehearsal

We finished with some old favourites chosen by our team and someone with a special reason! We really did sound amazing tonight – well done and thank you all x

25.11.19 Rehearsal Part 1
25.11.19 Rehearsal Part 2

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