The Air that I Breathe Tutorial

Oh yippee! It’s an easy one.

YELLOWS, GREENS and BLUES simply sing the main tune throughout. You may sing an octave down if you need to. The main issue with this song isn’t the harmonies but the breathing as you’ll need to make sure you’ve taken a big enough breath before the long notes. I will of course signal this to you during rehearsals and performance but it’s always worth learning to breath properly first too! We’ll be covering breathing in warm ups.

REDS your higher harmony comes in at 1.43. We all sing together ‘sometimes’ and then you peel off into the high part on ‘All I need is the air that I breathe and to love you’

The Air that I Breathe – RED Harmony

There’s additional harmony is the lines ‘Peace came upon me etc’ which moves in a similar way to the main tune, but not exactly.

The Air that I Breathe – RED Harmony extra

Is this all clear!? Do please drop me a comment so I know if it’s all working x

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