Rehearsal Notes Monday 16th September 2019

Great energy last night! Thanks to everyone who came along and sang…. this is what we got up to!

We did a movement warm up to ‘Shooting Stars’ by Bag Raiders (new favourite song – my kids are sick of it on repeat in the car) then we warmed up our voices with a little city which went “I can sing this all alone, I can sing this on my own…. but I think I sing it better with you” which we put into a 4 part round. We then made some funny noises and looked at both changes in pitch and volume. Well done!

Hold My Hand – we added the building of volume (crescendo for you musical people) during the first 4 lines. Watch my hands, I’ll be showing you what to do! We found that the we smiled, the song actually sounded happier! Great work.

Can’t stop now – I sped up the music and it’s so much better. It’s easily ready for the Robin Hood gig on 29th. Well done for staying with it and articulating the words.

Mr Brightside – I spent a little time running through the parts on this one, It’s essentially a very dull song which is why people sing it at karaoke (it’s easy) but we have it in four part harmony. The yellows carry the tune for most of it. Watch out here for it as I’ll be doing a tutorial on it soon. You got some great energy from it and it sounded convincing and strong.

Treasure at Teatime – a massive shout out to Barbara Mead and the Liberty Chorus for their rendition of “Back it up’ by Caro Emerald. It takes a HUGE amount of courage to stand up in front of that many people and sing your socks off but Barbara Mead did just that. Amazing. Thank you all for being such a great audience and for all the messages of support and praise afterwards online. It’s the Liberty Singer spirit at it’s very best and I love it!

Huge thanks also to everyone who helped Caroline SalesGillian McDonald and Hilary Holmes with their collection for the Peaky Minders charity event xx

Sweet Disposition – we re-taught all of the parts as there are many. All of the audio recordings are in the facebook group and I’ll get the sections on to the website this week. It has such a feeling of uplift this song and you really do sound great singing it. Well done (especially the new people who looked slightly terrified – it does get easier, it really does!) I did also notice and hear back that existing members were really helpful explaining parts to new members and so thank you for that x

Paradise – keep the energy moving! Sounded great.

Who Knew – such a strong song. We ran through the red harmony and the blue oohhhhhs and it really sounded good. The strength of this also is in the unison section at the end of the song.

Little Respect – this song has ALWAYS been good and it just gets BETTER!!! Brilliant work.

Thanks to my team this week Nicola NormanTore NormanJanet Merryweather Janet Dobson Lucie Gregory and Karen Richardson.

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