Show me how you do that trick…

Show me, show me, show me how you do that trick the one that makes me scream
I’m sharing something very special today. I arranged this (one of my favourite Cure songs) this term for the West Bridgford Liberty Singers. The original track has a lot of instrumental work and I re-worked these for 4 part voices. It wasn’t an easy song to teach as many of the choir hadn’t heard it before… but I persisted….. The results have been brilliant. Richard Owen Williams​ created a bespoke backing track for us which meant that we aren’t following a direct instrument each – so we have to rely on ourselves and each other. 5 rehearsals and a few live video tutorials later we are ready to perform it at one of the biggest gigs of the year- The West Bridgford Prom in the Park on Saturday. I can’t wait to hear the reaction…..
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