Community Choir get new T shirts!

We had a giddy week last week with our brand new T shirts!!! Check us out! We had a grant from Rushcliffe council which helped us massively to keep the cost down for our members. 
I like the idea of us having a cohesive output vocally and visually. Singers were able to choose the style and size of their T shirts – I wanted everyone to feel as comfortable as possible and look the best we can be. The idea of us looking similar but not exactly the same appeals to me. I like the feeling that we are together, and at one and yet I always want us to be very much ‘ourselves’. I like the idea that we keep our identity within this amazing group that we have created. Can’t wait to wear our t shirts out in public at our gig at the Test Match pub in West Bridgford on Monday 8th April!

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