Last gig of the year….. The Test Match pub West Bridgford Monday 17th December.

48415226_339837283503111_7323877403934064640_nAnd what a cracking gig it was too!!!
I can’t actually remember how many of us sang, but it was around 80. Huge thanks to everyone who turned up to sing and for those unable to sing, for coming along to watch and support us.
If I had to sum up this gig in one word I think it would be ‘Happiness’. We have achieved so much in just one year of singing together (some of us even shorter periods of time than that!) On Monday night, everyone was happy. It was all over our faces, in our hearts and our voices. To me, every song was the best they’ve been. Every harmony nailed and every emotion felt. It was amazing.
I don’t do this on my own. It’s the voices and efforts and expertise that the choir provides that makes such a great sound and in turn, such a great feeling. I always feel humble after a gig when our social media sites ramp up with the praise for everyone and for everything. Such support of each other is key to creating a great community of singers, and that’s what we have got.
And so to finish, I turn to the words of someone more eloquent than I. The fabulous Jackie Shears has taken to creating her own amusing ‘reports’ on our gigs – and I’d like to share it with you all.

Jackie Shears: BREAKING NEWS:

Police are investigating reports of a large crowd gathering in the back room of an inn, in the sought after hamlet of West Bridgford.
A host of Heavenly Voices was heard, and rumours of a new and charismatic leader are circulating.
“It was an incredible experience!” said one awed member of the public who followed the bright lights and Heavenly Throng…”I saw a bright sparkly star, moving through the streets, humming to herself and so I followed it to the back room of the inn. And all these angels were singing and I was overcome by a feeling of love and happiness! I need a lie down now”.
“I’ve heard there is a new and charismatic leader in town, commented another. “ Some say she makes cakes appear to feed large crowds”.
The Government is reportedly worried about the influence a new and charismatic leader may have on their authority, with the Prime Minister, Theresa May (98), stating “It is stuff and nonsense! We voted for a leader already and I won’t tolerate people changing their minds. Therefore I am issuing a new law that all charismatic leaders of anything are to stop showing me up. It’s not my fault I look like Ming the Merciless in shoulder pads and have all the authority of a well used wet wipe”.
Meanwhile pregnant teen, Chardonnayyy (15) was overheard persuading her boyfriend that he should stick around for the baby on the off chance the heavenly host was foretelling great things for their son. “ I told him – I know we haven’t had nooky or owt, but he’s got the chance to be Dad to this kid and all them angels comin’ and singin’ in a pub means the baby might grow up to be a famous Youtuber or sommat.”
Wayne (15) was reportedly unconvinced until a beautiful solo angel stunned him with a heavenly message of support. “I swear she looked directly at me and sang that all she wanted for Christmas was me. I were blown away…!”
Religious leaders everywhere said the outbreak of peace and goodwill witnessed in that lowly pub back room was an “exciting portent of great things to come”.
Albert (83) responded “Portent? I’ll tell you what’s ‘portent! I couldn’t hear the bleedin’ Forest match for all them angels singin’! Sounded nice mind – though they were all dressed in black and when I dozed off during the 0-0 draw I woke thinking I was being serenaded to meet me maker”.
Others were more sceptical. Janet Merryweather (38) snorted “I’ve been sewing for years – this is the most embroidered tale I have come across! There will be no second coming round here – where will they find 3 wise men for a start?!”
Despite persistent views that the event in the back room of the inn heralded the second coming, police confirmed there were no reports of livestock or unsupervised sheep although charismatic leader and sparkly star of the show, Kari Olsen-Porthouse (32) was heard to comment that if any cattle started lowing, could they please stand with the blue section.
Publican reports massive gin shortage after Heavenly Host descends
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