The doors to the Online Liberty Singers are currently closed. We have taken the decision to return to face to face singing from September and have also decided not to take on any new singers until at least January 2022.

Our ‘choir roadmap’ is for existing online singers and returning face to face singers to form 2 choirs from September-December and these numbers are capped to total 150. The £15 a month payment will be made online for each singer and will run for 12 months of the year covering any breaks we take. Timings remain on alternate Mondays 7.30-9.30pm. 


The Songbirds (largely made up of existing Online Liberty Singers) will start on Monday 6th September and alternate Mondays.


Nightingales (largely made up of returning West Bridgford Liberty Singers) will start the following week and alternate their weeks accordingly.

Alkonost Liberty Singers

We plan to run an online choir (The Alkonost Liberty SIngers) on alternate Tuesdays 7.30-9pm starting on September 14th for anyone who lives far away, is shielding or is simply not ready to return face to face just yet. If you’re a Songbird or Nightingale, you are welcome to these sessions too as part of your £15 package – we’ll all be covering the same material.

We are currently taking note of all interested singers for September. If you’re keen to return, please get in touch via this form or drop us a message on Facebook. We will be creating a waiting list for those keen to return if we run out of space.

Please be patient as we navigate the changes. Thank you for your support.