Rehearsal Planning 08.01.23

Welcome back or just welcome to our new singers!

Happy New Year to You all! We’ve got some new songs to start the term with so we’ll be having a sing through to start. For our new singers, this is how we do it. We sing along with the original tracks/voices. Later we learn the harmonies by ear at rehearsals – these will be made available if you’d like more catch up time. It’s not essential. We will be learning many of these songs from scratch so we are all on the same page and learning at the same rate. You will need to print these lyrics or download them – or access through your phone or iPad in the night.

We’ll start with a warm up – something easy and fun to break the ice.

First break – I’d like to meet with the new singers please! Make sure you’re not all terrified etc. I can answer any questions – or you can visit the FAQ section in the website.

Ok, moving on, let’s have a little show off of an older song. New singers, you’re welcome to listen from the front (very different experience from listening at the back/in your section)

And we’ll move on to our next new song…

There is sheet music for this. Don’t get used to that people! It’s rare!

We’ll do a bit of focused work on this tonight please. It’s really lovely, in three parts and I’d like to make a couple of adjustments in the form of giving the blues the tune as well as the reds. I will explain all!

We’ll have a run through of this too.

Second tea break – please bring your own refreshments. We don’t provide drinks simply because it takes AGES with so many singers. You are all very welcome to venture out to one of the many West Bridgford pubs afterwards if you’d like to be more sociable!

Let’s enjoy something we call the mad half hour. I’ve got a couple of things in mind for this. We will ditch all of the chairs and do something which knits our singers together. (if you need to be seated, we can sort this and make it inclusive for you).

We’ll finish with Creep – again with the newer singers having a listen in. This is a song the East Leake singers are learning too as I’d like to showcase it as a joint venture.

And that should be it! Keep your eye on the Facebook group as each session I run a poll so that I can look and see which songs people have enjoyed. It helps me move forward with the most popular songs and gently get rid of anything nobody is enjoying.

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