Rehearsal Planning 25.09.23

Let’s get stuck in with a warm up or two. Then straight on to Valerie please.

I’d like to continue with Somewhere only we know please. We’ll start with the ahhh section and then run from the top. Remember, it’s in 6 parts so we’ll need to adjust your mindset accordingly!

Little Break before we move back on to Royals. We’ll go over that rap section again for the words. I’ve got it now and it just flows – a little tiny bit of practice every day has sorted it so I have every confidence in you!

I know it’s revoltingly early, but could we please have a run through of Carol of the Bells? I just want to see where it’s at.

And a run through of White Winter too please.

Second little break before I throw Stay Another Day at you… we learned this online but not for very long so it’s almost a new song again.

And we’ll try for a show off finish with Creep and Vienna….

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