Rehearsal Planning Nightingales 06.03.23 and Songbirds 13.03.23

Hey ho – Let’s GO!

We’ve just got these two rehearsals separately before we come together for the one before the gig. Just to remind you, the set list for the Portello gig is:

Green green grass, Giant, It must be love, Dear Darlin’, Woman, One day like this, King, Read my mind and Don’t Shut Me Down. These are the song we’ll be polishing and working on. I might chuck a couple of songs into rehearsal just for a break from the work.

Let’s run the harmonies on One Day Like This – if you’re new, you can access the harmony videos…

Next, we’ll go over the tricky bit in Giant – the bit after oh-oh-oh-eyoh. The bit you’re all frightened of!

Quick blast through Woman

And a little break. After this, It must be love

Let’s go through Read My Mind

And King

We’ll have another go through Dear Darlin’

And finish with a blast from the past……..

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