Rehearsal Notes and Audio – Nightingales 31.01.23

WBLS Nightingales 31.01.23 Part 1 – Giant 41 minutes!
WBLS Nightingales 31.01.23 Part 2 -38mins Woman Acapella
WBLS Nightingales 31.01.23 Part 3

How lovely to see you all – and a few Songbirds on a borrowed session too xxx

‘Giant’ – this is really coming on well. We learned the bit at the end which builds. Just a few oohs to pop in and a red harmony and it’s just about done! The ending section is a little bit like the curtain throwing in ‘One day like this’.

We sang through ‘Green Green Grass’ and added some red harmony on the fly. I’m not sure this song needs much more to be honest. Apparently, you can over-harmonise songs!

‘It must be love’ is quite lovely and gentle. We’ll be singing this at the Ice Hockey Gig even if only in unison. (need more singers for that gig by the way……)

‘Just can’t get enough’ was a great way to start the second part of rehearsal. We worked again on ‘Woman’ – check out the section in the audio where we sang it acapella – it’s really starting to take shape and sound lovely. Well done everyone!

We sang ‘One day like this’ in search for the missing harmonies….. and there they were! Great to hear them again. Keep up the energy in the curtain throwing……

‘Read my mind’ – still love this song. If it scores well in polls, I’ll teach further and I’ll make sure the harmonies are all up.

‘True’ – ahhhh so lovely! Thanks David for soloing at the end!

Then we went all throw back with ‘Linger’, ‘Heaven is a place on Earth’ and ‘Hold my hand’. Fab finish everyone.

Next week is Songbirds, then it’s half term so we’ll see the Nightingales back on Monday 20th Feb.

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