Rehearsal Notes and Audio from 21.11.22

WBLS 21.11.22 Part 1
WBLS 21.11.22 Part 2
WBLS 21.11.22 Part 3

We had a LOT of voices last night! Most notably 10 lords a leaping and the sound from the blues was very special. We also had a lot of chatting. Please, please try and pay attention for these next few sessions – I want to be able to get the very best out of you all.

‘Somewhere only we know’ is very nearly finished. It’s sounding lovely and I know many of you have been practicing at home – thank you for that. We just have the ahhhhsss to learn next week and then it should be ready for the Tower! (and everything else).

‘Carol of the bells’ was a little tricky last night – I don’t know why. We aren’t doing those last few ding dongs right at the end – it’s a straight repeat. You must look at me for the slowing down bits and keeping it together – this is even more important that usual because it’s acapella – there’s no ‘beat’ for you to stay with. I am the beat.

‘White Winter Hymnal’ was really very lovely! I really enjoyed the clapping ladies -thank you to Jo for leading Wendy, Lynsey, Sophy and Kath – it’s fab! Did you see it!? I’d like a little more from the blues but otherwise this is READY!

‘2000 Miles’ – we recapped the old version – I’ll look at the green part again for the additional harmonies – I may have made it up at the time (as this was a very early song for us). Leave it with me. It scored very highly in the poll and will probably once again, be a firm favourite.

‘O Holy Night’ – this has been better. Please remember high side that you only go really high right at the end. We went through this a couple of times last night. Don’t listen to anyone else’s version! Just ours! Then we will be fine. I’m not worried about this song. It’s been beautiful before and it will be again. I know there’s a lot to learn right at the moment.

‘When a child is born’ – thank you to Bob for taking the talking solo on again for us. This sounded just as lovely as it always did. Thank you.

‘Away in a Manger’ – we’ll go through his again next time as it appears that there were harmonies either missing, or just VERY quiet……. it’s new so I’ll let you off!

‘Spaceman came travelling’ we just listened to this as it’s only for the BeVox concert – so if you’re singing at that, please have a listen to your part. It goes la ala la la la etc….

And to finish – a beautiful version of ‘dear Darlin’ which sounded fab and was a great way to end our rehearsal.

NEXT WEEK we rehearse again. It’s an extra one because we are Christmas gigs but the rehearsal is for EVERYONE! We’ve got Portello on the 19th too so don’t forget that!

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