Rehearsal Audio and Notes 03.10.22

WBLS 03.10.22 Part 1
WBLS 03.10.22 Part 2

We didn’t quite get through as much as I planned but it’s all good.

King is sounding quite lovely! Well done all!

Happy Ending (or the never ending as far as the parts are concerned) We had a really good stab at the end section even thought it’s a little dull for anyone singing ‘little bit of love’ on repeat! It needs to build and be angry sounding. Loved it.

Don’t shut me down was a triumph as ever.

Mr Brightside was wonderful – never tire of the Liberty Banger.

Dear Darlin’ is sooooo nearly done! It’s just these choral style harmonies which remind me a little of Vienna (and will probably take us that long to learn). We’ll carry on with this.

We totally ran out of time so Karen chose Sweet Disposition to sing and Laura chose Green Green Grass.

Next session is at the start of half term and we will be starting the Christmas material.

Everyone who put their name in the hair for the Ice Hockey gig got in! Well done. I’ll pop a set list out soon.

We have exciting news of a Christmas concert and the Nottingham Albert Hall supporting BeVox on Sunday 18th December. This is a really big deal for us and I’m delighted it was so well received. Numbers are capped at 80 and priority will go to long singing choir members.

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