Rehearsal Notes and Audio from 28.03.22

WBLS 28.03.22 Part 1
WBLS 28.03.22 Part 2
WBLS 28.03.22 Part 3

There was something in the air last night (hang on, isn’t that a lyrics from a song!?) anyway, the atmosphere was certainly there – thank you all for coming.

We warmed up with Peace and Love and moved on to a rousing sing through of ‘Sweet Disposition’ which we all know is what we call ‘a Liberty Banger’.

We picked through some of the harmonies again on ‘Creep’ then did a beautiful job singing it. Lovely pink work from Janet and Sarah thank you ladies. The gentleness of this song was really good.

One day like this – I can see us singing this at the park gig and we’ll be going through the harmonies again. There are conducting videos on the website if you ever want to catch up or see what’s going on.

‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ was again a lovely version. After Easter we need to be singing this without words. You know it. You know you do!

‘Read my mind’ – this one was brilliant. We ran the harmonies a little bit again as it’s been a long time since we sang it. I really want to dig into the emotion of this song – it has strength and power.

‘Don’t shut me down’ – massive thanks to Wendy for her solo again. I think we really made some progress with this tonight. We ran the harmonies for the greens and blues for the second verse which are different from the first. Yellows, you need all your power on this song. Then we stood closer to each other – with everyone being happy to do so – and felt what it’s like to be nearer other voices. The sound was amazing. Well done everyone.

‘Human’ another song we won’t be using words for after Easter. We need to go over the tune on the word ‘devotion’ was it keeps being sung wrong (thanks for pointing that out to me) so we’ll deal with this at the next meet up.

‘With or without you’ – has gone down really well in the hall and on the poll. We’ll get this one out of retirement! ‘Vienna’ was magnificent and I really loved hearing ‘Just like heaven’ again.

Thank you ALL!!!

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