Rehearsal Audio and Notes from 24.01.22

WBLS 24.01.22 Part 1
WBLS 24.01.22 Part 2
WBLS 24.01.22 Part 3

Lovely to see everyone!! Hurray for being back in the hall!!!!

We managed to get through everything we planned and the computer battery held out until the end which was a massive bonus for our onliners!!!

Special mentions this week to Wendy and Barbara who duetted the ABBA solo section – thrown right in at the deep end and they did themselves proud. And to Janet who took the pink part on Vienna on her own creating a really lovely pure note. Well done!!!

We continued to work on ‘Don’t shut me down’ on the chorus – I’ll put all the harmonies for this on the website so you can access them if you’d like another listen. We’ll be moving forwards with this next time into the verse sections. It remains top of the poll!

Mr Brightside and Little Respect were our throw back songs – lovely renditions thank you!

We worked again on ‘Ordinary World’ with a 4 part chorus which is actually only a 2 part chorus (it’s broken into octaves) and I’ll pop these harmonies on the site today too, again, for anyone who wants a little catch up.

A quick recap of ‘Vienna’ – I WILL sort out that instrumental section with something marvellous…. not sure what yet…..

We sang ‘Always on my mind’ with the red and green harmony (no blue for this one – the 3 blue guys sang the tune an octave lower).

‘Uptown Girl’ I’m a bit torn about… didn’t come up very high on the poll and I’m wondering if it’s more or a workshop song than a full choir one….. I’ll gauge interest from the Nightingales next week and we’ll work from there.

We finished with ‘Torn’ and sang along to our own virtual recording. Thanks Wendy who did ALL of the actions with me! And a huge thanks to Seema and Maxine who were having a great time dancing on the back row!

Thanks to all of you xxx

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