Rehearsal Audio and Notes NIGHTINGALES 11.10.21

WBLS Nightingales 11.10.21 PART 1
WBLS Nightingales 11.10.21 PART 2
WBLS Nightingales 11.10.21 PART 3

We had a lovely evening! Thanks to everyone who sang. This is what we got up to….

We walked the dinosaur….we did some breathing warm up stuff making some delightful chord sounds.

‘The air that I breathe’ – an old classic, especially for Jo Higman! You really need to breathe well on this one.

‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ once again we went over the harmonies briefly for the chorus and the verses. Sounding really lovely everyone, well done!

‘Creep’ we recapped all of the harmony parts for this – they’re on the website but they’re all in little chunks (this was the good old days long before I was recording everything properly) There’s a video on the Facebook group which shows you where everything goes in terms of the piano notes so that you can see the parts don’t move very far. It’s an incredibly simple arrangement and yet very effective. You did a brilliant job with it tonight – well done!

‘Read my mind’ ooohhhh this is starting to sound really good! We did a great job working through the harmonies at the start with the oohs for the greens and blues. Well done for sticking with it – it’s not an easy part. The harmonies are on the website for anyone who wants another listen. We had a sing through and did really well especially as we hadn’t covered the end of the track xxx

‘Paradise’ a little sing through with an old rehearsal recording just to give ourselves a break!

‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ – your faces said it all……

‘Sweet Disposition’ we did a little recap on the harmonies for the chorus – it was beautiful!

‘Chasing Cars’ – a really lovely sweet ending to our fab rehearsal. Thank you.

Thanks to the dream team behind the scenes – Vicky for all things tech and Lucie for the T shirt shop. Still time to order a hoodie if you’d like one (totally optional) please see the size guide on the Facebook group – on in doubt, go a size larger. Mine is a tight fit at a size medium and I’m a ladies size 12.

Thanks to all the people who joined us on zoom.

And finally……

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