Rehearsal Notes SONGBIRDS 20.09.21

Ooohhhhh the audio was SO AWFUL I’m not even going to post it! I’m so sorry to the brave and wonderful people on zoom who stuck it for as long as possible and to Barbara and Dean who bravely came back in my attempt to fix it…. which we did xxx

Enough of the #zoomdoom.

Here’s what we got up to.

We started with a rousing warm up of the Emma Raducanu song which Vicky then posted to Twitter! Let’s see if the lady herself likes and shares it….

We had a sing through of ‘The Fear’ which is one of our old favourites.

‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ is really starting to take some shape now. We recapped the harmonies for the chorus and put the greens and blue together singing the BLUE part. It’s nicer, more flowery and mostly an octave below the pink part which soars above.

‘Creep’ was a lovely throw back but I think we need to work on this. We slipped out of tune on three separate occasions – it was REALLY weird! Don’t worry, we can fix it.

‘Read my mind’ – we worked again on the back of the song starting at ‘slipping in my faith’ right up until my favourite bit where I added a slight change with an extra pink note at the end. Gorgeous. We also started at the top of the song with the oohhh for the greens and the blues. It’s sounding really good and I’d like to take the middle part next time. You can look and see where the harmonies are in the you tube video if you’re struggling to hear where your part goes. You can also access your own harmony parts on this website using the search function. Everything is labelled and categorised carefully so you can find it.

‘Vienna’. What can I say? It’s amazing! We worked again on the chorus harmonies which is in 4 parts. Again, these can be searched for on this website or even in the guides section of the Facebook group. We also sang the main song which is in 2 parts an octave apart. Pick the one that suits you – I’ll leave it to you to decide. There’s a little flash of green harmony which I introduced last night but will go through in more detail next time. I’ve cut out the instrumental section of the song but I think it’s a bit dodgy. I’ll have another listen and attempt something better – but this won’t impact our singing and rehearsing.

We didn’t have time for ‘The best day of my life’ but we did manage to squeeze in 2 old favourites ‘Hold my hand’ and ‘Take me home country roads’.

It was lovely to see you all again and welcome back some of the people who didn’t come last time. Thanks to the Dream Team Nicky (my mum) Tore (my Dad) Vicky and Lucie – we have loads of tote bags still for sale!

See you next time! Your next session is the 4th of October then there’s a break for half term and you’ll be back on 26th October.

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