Vienna Harmonies

Love this song and really glad it’s gone down so well with you all.

We are going to keep the verses as written but you can pick your octave. The version here has a guide track singing at correct pitch (low) and my higher voice recorded over the top.

Vienna – Full version

The interest in this song will be the chorus. It’s a key change and usually these move upwards in pitch – this song goes down but the drama is added by the soloist moving up an octave. I’ll explain all of this to you at rehearsal if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

The chorus is in 4 parts. The yellow carrying the tune as ever!

Vienna Chorus YELLOW

The Reds are above.

Vienna Chorus RED

And here’s what these two sound like together. As you learn it, try it first on it’s own and then with just the yellow. The you can move on to practicing with the full 4 voices.

Vienna Chorus RED AND YELLOW

Here’s the Green…

Vienna Chorus GREEN

And this is what it sounds like with the yellow….


And finally, the blue – I think the last note can be lower…. watch out, it might change!

Vienna Chorus BLUE

and where;s what it sounds like with the Yellow.


Happy singing guys!

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