The irony as we move into tier 3 during the pandemic is not lost! But this songs has a very special place in my choir leader journey.

I taught this to my previous choir – the Churchfields Community Choir. It had a very mixed response and nobody liked the kari-ography dance moves…. and so many people disliked it that I had to park it.

Now. I don’t like failure. Especially not when it comes to song choices and so I wheeled it out again when I formed the West Bridgford Liberty Singers. Nah. Once again, it felt fairly flat for most of them.

Ah ha!!! I hadn’t added enough harmony! That must be it! So I re-harmonised it, took my time, and the re-presented it!

They weren’t fooled. Not one bit. And so off it went into the archives of ‘songs never to be sung’. It broke my little singing heart.

So I ran a poll in my Facebook group – was the song really that bad? Could I find kindred spirits who could help me revive it!? Ohhhhhhhh yes!!! And so our secret recording project was born,

I squeezed in 4 part harmony and recruited all of those lovely people who purely loved the song. It was beautiful to hear it come to life! And reaffirming to know that I hadn’t really picked a turkey of a song. xxx

Teardrops – Online Liberty Singers

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