Somebody that I used to know – Harmony Parts


We sang this only once this year and were working up to rehearsing it properly. So, I’ll be teaching it to the Online Liberty Singers from Monday. If you’re in that group of people, then great! If not and you’d still like to have a sing through of this – please be my guest x

Somebody That I Used To Know

This song recorded by Gotye featuring Kimbra was released in 2012. The original recording is in the key of D minor (unusual to have a pop song in a minor key, but it’s a bit dark and sad in places – apart from the choruses when it’s full on angry!) but for choir, I’ve raised it to E minor. Even I couldn’t get the bottom notes which usually means nobody else will.

I’ve arranged it into 5 parts. The Greens and Blues (alto 2 and tenor) take Gotye’s verses and the Yellow, Reds and Pinks (top altos and sopranos) take Kimbra’s. Everyone sings the chorus in unison (an octave lower for anyone who needs it – I’m looking at the blue gentlemen and anyone else who likes singing in the gutter (me)). I’ve added in some oooohhhhs for everyone so we’re not just stood around looking bored whilst the alternative part is singing its head off. The audio files below are each separate part with the backing track on it and also a version of all of the parts together. You don’t need to listen to them ahead of rehearsal as I’ll be taking my time going through this now online. But if you’d like to hear in advance what you’re letting yourselves in for, then go for it!

Somebody that I used to know – ALL PARTS Mix 3
Somebody that I used to know – PINK
Somebody that I used to know – RED
Somebody that I used to know – YELLOW
Somebody that I used to know – GREEN
Somebody that I used to know – BLUE

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