Pompeii Harmonies (April) EDITED

I’m starting to teach this in the online membership group on Monday 13th April. There’s still time to join the group, or if you prefer, to learn it yourself at home… or even just to wait until we are back together again! It’s a rousing song very much in the same ilk as Viva la Vida so we need to make sure we don’t degenerate into football singing (please) x

Pompeii – All Parts
Pompeii – Yellow (main tune)
Pompeii – Red
Pompeii – Green (mostly main tune – 1 weird bit)
Pompeii – Blue
Pompeii – Purple

So this song uses a lot of unison to give it the strength it needs. Yellows and Greens are often together singing the main tune. There’s a really wafty high bit for the reds near the end “oh where do we begin” which I might reduce down to a handful of pinks as opposed to red, but of course, I won’t know how to balance until we are back all in the same room. There’s a blue part of course, which we may need to borrow other greens for – don’t worry about this too much for now. There’s also a PURPLE part for all of the MEN. It’s not shockingly low, it can’t be as I’ve managed to sing it – have a listen if you want to hear for yourselves.

It’s a great song and I can’t wait for us to nail it – whenever that might be. Please let me know if you’ve any questions. xxxx

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