Happy Ending.

We are trying something new! Something which involves a few rests for lots of us and not everyone singing all the time. This essential to get this song to balance correctly and I’m delighted at the start we’ve made on it.

Here are the parts. The best way to rehearse is to take the part with just your own colour first. When you’ve got a bit more confident, sing with the ‘other’ part (so if you’re red, sing with the red and yellow recording – if you’re green sing with your own part and then with the part marked green, blue and pink). Then sing along with the ‘everything’ version. This process could take a few weeks so don’t feel disheartened. We end up in 7 parts but actually, its fairly repetitive for all of you so shouldn’t be too hard to learn. Greens and blue only have ‘oohhhh’ and ‘little bit of love’ as their lyrics!

Happy Ending – EVERYTHING
Happy Ending – RED
Happy Ending – YELLOW
Happy Ending – RED AND YELLOW
Happy Ending – MIKA LOW
Happy Ending – MIKA HIGH
Happy Ending – 2 MIKAS
Happy Ending – GREEN
Happy Ending – BLUE
Happy Ending – PINK

Happy Listening!

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